Hugo Coffee: A Local Utah Roaster and a Love Story about Dogs and Coffee – 2022

Hugo Coffee

What makes Hugo Coffee unique?

Hugo Coffee is a local roaster in Utah that specializes in hand-roasted coffee. They roast their coffees at a small farm where they also raise dogs.

Hugo Coffee has a love story between dogs and coffee. The company was founded by two friends who met through dog training and realized they had a passion for coffee. After years of working together, they decided to start a business together. Their goal is to provide high-quality organic coffee from local farms, using only sustainable practices.

Hugo Coffee A Local Utah Roaster and a Love Story about Dogs and Coffee

Hugo Coffee Roasters started out as a small roasting company in Park City, Utah. Since then, the company has grown and expanded to become a leader in the specialty coffee industry. Their goal is to provide high-quality coffees at fair prices while also supporting animal welfare organizations. To achieve this, they donate 10% of all proceeds to non-profit organizations that help homeless pets.

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How Hugo Coffee Roasters Started

Hugo started out as a small coffee roaster in New York City. She wanted to live a more outdoor life than being stuck in an office as a litigator. So when she heard about Friends of Animal’s need for an Executive Director, she took the role because she loves dogs and animals. For several years, she worked at FofA rescuing animals.

She also learned that her favorite local coffee shop would not renew its lease and had sold all its equipment. She wasn’t ready to give up her coffee from Silver Bean, so she bought the coffee shop and named it after her handsome rescue puppy, Hugo. Hugo also became the face and inspiration behind the coffee shop.


Hugo is a coffee roaster located in Park City, Utah. Their mission is to support the dog rescue mission by donating 10% of their profits. They also donate to Best Friends Animal Society Utah. They collaborate with local retail partners to help them raise awareness about adopting dogs and cats through their adoption events and fundraisers.

Team Hugo was able to raise $24,000 USD through the sale of coffee bags, which were then donated to local shelters and rescue organizations. These donations included 4,102 meals, 2,790 vaccinations, 174 neutering surgeries, and 996 dog beds. Each bag sold generated enough money to provide shelter for an average of three dogs for a month.

What’s Special About the Location?

Hugo Coffee Shop is located in the heart of Park City, Utah. The cozy café serves delicious coffee drinks and offers an assortment of breakfast options. The Hugo Coffee Shop also provides a unique experience for visitors looking to enjoy a cup of joe while taking in the breathtaking views of the Wasatch Mountains.


Hugo Coffee offers a wide selection of different coffees, including single origin beans, flavored blends, and even cold brew coffee. You can browse through their collection of coffee products and choose what you like best. Their online store allows you to buy coffee directly from them, or if you prefer, you can create an account and place orders.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Hugo Coffee in Park City offers free shipping on all orders over $35. You get free shipping when you spend $35 or more. Shipping costs $5 per item.


When you sign up for Hugo Coffee, you get a monthly box of coffee delivered to your door. You can choose between a 12 oz bag of beans or a 5 lbs bag. Subscriptions start at just $13.59 per month. If you buy more than one bag, you will save even more!

Team Hugo

Hugo Coffee Roasters is run by founder and CEO Claudia McMullen and Head Roaster John Lynn. He is responsible for roasting the coffees you love.

Features Benefits

Hugo Coffee Roasters is committed not only to supporting the small family farmers and co-ops through fair trade but also to supporting the small family dogs and cats through Friends and Animals and Nuzzles & Co. They buy their coffee directly from the people who produce the coffee and support them in their efforts to provide humane treatment to their workers and pets. They also support every animal rescue mission of Friends and Animal and Nuzzle & Co., because they care about the welfare of all living creatures.

Quality Vs Price

John Lynn (head roaster at Hugo Coffee Roasters) works hard to ensure that the beans arrive at your doorstep consistently fresh. He roasts them in a tightly controlled process regarding the beans’ origin and region. For such dedication to his craft, he charges a reasonable price for the quality of coffee you get.

Variety of Choices

Hugo coffee offers delicious artisanal roasted coffees from around the world. Their specialty is sourcing high-quality coffee beans from small farms and cooperatives in Latin America and Africa. They roast their own beans at their factory in Salt Lake City, Utah. Hugo Coffee also sells beans online through an Amazon storefront. You can purchase single-origin beans, blends, and even gift baskets.

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Hugo Coffee Roasters takes pride in using only the highest quality ingredients. They source their coffee beans from around the globe, including Latin American countries like Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, and Peru. Their roaster is also powered by renewable energy, which means that they are committed to using only green energy sources.


Hugo offers a monthly coffee subscription service. Prices range from $13.59 to $59.49 per month.

Online Perks

You will get exclusive access to all kinds of fun stuff like their latest coffee and dog stories, upcoming events, dog rescues, and insider deals. You’ll also receive special offers and discounts on products and services related to dogs.

Coffee Blends Available

Hugo Coffee is a unique coffee experience. We’ve spent years researching and developing the perfect blend of beans to create the ideal cup of coffee. Our goal is to provide you with the best tasting coffee possible. We’re not just talking about taste here – we mean quality! That’s why we source our beans from around the globe. We also go through rigorous testing to ensure that each batch meets our high standards. All of this means that every cup of Hugo Coffee you drink is truly exceptional.

Rollover Breakfast Blend

If you wake up feeling groggy, try the Wake Up Coffee. It’s an energizing cup of coffee that wakes you up and gets you ready for the day ahead. It’s made with 100% Arabica beans and comes in a convenient 10 oz bag. You can also get it ground.

Black Paw French Roast

Tasting notes: sweet caramel, nutty, spicy, earthy. Hugo Coffee Roasters Dark Chocolate French Roast is a rich, full-bodied coffee that will satisfy even the darkest of tastes. Sweet caramel and nutty flavors are balanced out by a spicy kick that will leave you wanting more. A perfect choice for those looking for something special.

Dog Daze Cold Brew

The Dog Days Cold Brew Coffee is an organic cold brew coffee made with 100% Arabica beans sourced from small farms around the globe. It is brewed using our proprietary brewing method, which produces a smooth, full-bodied coffee. We use a unique cold brew technique that allows us to extract all the flavor and aroma from the coffee beans. It is then filtered through activated charcoal to remove any unwanted flavors. The result is a delicious, rich, and flavorful cold brew coffee.

Downward Dog Decaf

The Downwards Dog Decaf is a great choice if you’re looking for something different. It tastes like a cross between caramel, banana bread, chocolate, and vanilla. It comes in both regular and decaf flavors. You can buy them in packs of 12 ounces or five pounds.

What the Community Says About Hugo Coffee

Grounds & Hounds Coffee is a great place to go if you love coffee and dogs. You’ll get to enjoy amazing coffee while supporting a cause you care about. Every time you buy a cup of coffee at Grounds & Hounds, they donate a portion to an important animal rescue initiative. And because Grounds & Hounds is committed to quality, they offer a wide range of organic and fair trade coffees.


From this Hugo Coffee Review, I learned so much about the founder and CEO, Claudia McMillan. She started her company after she rescued a dog named Hugo. Hugo Coffee Roaster aims to save dogs, offers the best tasting coffee, promotes sustainability through renewable energy use, and gives back to the community.

Hugo Coffee Shop is an animal lover cafe located in Park City. We serve great coffee, and delicious pastries, and our dogs are always welcome! Our mission is to provide a welcoming space for everyone to enjoy the outdoors while supporting local businesses. We also strive to give back to the community through volunteerism and donations. If you’re looking for a place to hang out with friends, meet new people, or just relax, we hope you’ll visit us soon!

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