Counter Culture Coffee Review: Upscale Sustainable Coffee? – 2022

Counter Culture Coffee

Counter Culture Coffee Review Upscale Sustainable Coffee?

Counter Culture is a Durham-based roastery that offers premium quality coffee, training, and educational programs for those aspiring to become an experienced barista or who want to improve their coffee craft. While many other companies focus on sustainability, Counter Culture focuses on social responsibility. Their mission statement reads “We believe that everyone deserves access to high-quality coffee. We also believe that we must continue to evolve our practices and processes to ensure that all workers are treated fairly and humanely.”

Coffee is a beverage made from roasted coffee beans. It contains caffeine and other compounds that give coffee its stimulating effects. Coffee is often served hot or cold, depending on the type of drink. Some types of coffee contain milk, cream, sugar, or other ingredients. Coffee is usually consumed during breakfast, lunch, dinner, or at any time of the day.

Who is Counter Culture Coffee?

Counter Culture is an American wholesale coffee roaster that focuses on sustainability in coffee as its driving force. Since 1995, Counter Culture has focused on honesty in its coffee transparency reports. Their commitment to sustainable practices has made them a trusted name in the coffee industry.

Counter Culture Coffee is an American company founded in 2000 by two friends, Jason Fields, and Brian Jones, who wanted to create a great cup of coffee. Their goal was to experiment with different types of beans and roast them at different temperatures to find out what made the best-tasting coffee. They started with just a few bags of beans and slowly grew their business until they were selling thousands of pounds of coffee every year. Today, they still sell their coffee online and through retail stores like Whole Foods Market. They also run a non-profit called Counter Culture Labs that helps farmers reduce deforestation and other harmful practices.


Counter Culture Coffee has managed to create an outstanding impression among coffee connoisseurs. Over the past 25 years, they have provided easy-to-follow brew guides and dynamic brewing classes, along with training centers and educational opportunities. These are just a few examples of what you can expect when visiting this amazing company.

Brew Guides

Counter Culture Coffee offers a range of brewing guides that help you get started with making great coffee at home. These guides cover everything from basic ground coffee preparation to advanced brewing techniques. You will learn how to properly measure out your beans, adjust your water temperature, and secure your equipment. The guides also share videos showing you how to refine your grinds, prepare your cold brew, and make single-serve coffee using an Aeropress.

Training Centers

It‘s here that all the magic happens. We’ve got the best equipment, the best coffee, and Asheville the best people to teach you how to get your hands dirty and make great coffee. You can also attend our public events like Tasting At Ten, Homebrew Classes, and Catalog Cupping, and if you’re interested, we’ll even send you a free bag of beans!

Training Center (Asheville, NC), Atlanta Training Center (Atlanta GA), Bay Area Training Center (Emeryville, CA), Boston Training Center (Somerset, MA), Charleston Training Center (Charlestown, SC), Chicago Training Center (Chicago IL), Dallas Training Center (Dallastx, TX), Durham Training Center (Dushman, NC), Los Angeles Training Center (L.A., CA), Miami Training Center (Miami FL), and San Francisco Training Center (San Francisco, CA)

New York City, New York. Seattle, Washington. Washington D.C., District of Columbia.

Home Brew Classes

The Counter Culture Coffee team aims to help those interested in making great coffee at home. We provide free brewing classes

The resource that teaches you all about coffee and espresso. You will learn everything you need to know about


Counter coffee, including how to grind beans, brew coffee, and prepare delicious drinks. Our classes are designed to

Transparency is fun and engaging, allowing you to get hands-on experience working with equipment and ingredients.

Seeds Center

Counter Culture Coffee is an online resource center dedicated to telling the story of the Durham-based coffee company. It tells about the experiments,

Local innovations, and collaborations that Counter Culture has made with partners, producers, professional baristas, and consumers.

Culture It is a great example of a company that follows its core values. These core values are reflected in their purchasing principles and supply chain objectives. Transparency is key to Counter Culture’s success.

Educational Their core values are also reflected in their mission statement.


Counter Culture Coffee’s 2019 Transparency

Diversity Report highlights visibility across the coffee industry that is often misunderstood. The report covers the coffee company’s efforts to reduce its environmental impact through the reduction of its own carbon footprint, the reduction of its supplier’s carbon footprint, and the reduction of its employees’ carbon footprint. The report also discusses the company’s efforts toward transparency within the coffee industry.


CCC also supports the Seeds program by donating one cent per lb of coffee sold. This program helps farmers create community facilities and improve their income through crop diversification.


Counter Culture provides paid time off to its employees to volunteer at local non-profits. Their goal is to help out the communities where they live and work, especially those that focus on sustainable agriculture and food security, like farmers’ markets, farm stands, and CSAs.

an excellent opportunity for our team members in every region to learn about their communities and provide them with a helping hand in doing social and ecological tasks that organizations support.


The resource center is full of videos that show the different ways of making coffee. From barista brewing techniques to sustainable practices, there are many interesting videos to watch. These videos will help you understand the basics of coffee production and give you an insight into what goes behind the scenes at a coffee farm.

Equity Inclusion and Action

Coffee shops are often places where people go to socialize and meet others. Counter Culture Coffee is a company that believes in supporting its employees and making sure they feel included. To achieve this goal, they started an internal conversation with Intersections, an external consultant. After listening to what each side had to say, they decided to start a cultural audit. This means that every employee will be asked questions about their culture and how it affects them.

In addition to the above-mentioned initiatives, Counter Culture Coffee Company has partnered with Kantola to offer employee diversity, equity, and inclusion training. Furthermore, the company has begun implementing a cultural audit, which includes surveying employees about their experiences at Counter Culture Coffee Company. As well, the company has launched a series of listening sessions, which involve both individual and group discussions. These changes were made after the company received a complaint regarding the treatment of a black employee.

Intersection worked with Counter Culture Coffee to identify what each employee likes about working at Counter Culture Coffee. From there, we were able to create a plan to help them grow professionally while also improving their lives at home. We helped them understand how to prepare for interviews, how to network, and how to get promoted within the company.

Coffees Offered

Counter Culture Coffee offers a great selection of coffees, including single origin blends, flavored blends, and even decaffeinated options. If you’re looking for something specific, the


Apollo company also offers a Big Cup of Coffee feature that lets you see all

the different types of coffee available at your local store. You can then choose the We type of coffee you’d like to try next.

Coffee Roasters showcases Ethiopian coffee beans‘ goodness as it is 100 percent sourced from Dambi Udoh, Ethiopia. It is an appealing silky, sweet, bright coffee with hints of flowery and citrus notes. The beans are machine washed and roasted up to 72 levels based on the Agtron roast Since scale. Among the many coffees of Counter Culture, Redditors highly recommend this roast, saying it tastes like “a good cup of espresso.”

Counter Culture Coffee

Big Trouble

Big Trouble Coffee is a family-owned company that produces high-quality specialty coffees. Their goal is to provide customers with an exceptional product at a fair price. All of their coffees are grown and processed in Central America. Big Trouble Coffee is a member of Fair Trade USA and is certified organic. Big Trouble Coffee is also a member of the Sustainable Agriculture Network and supports farmers through education and financial assistance programs.

BLENDING COMPONENTS: 75 percent Incahuasi, Peru / 15 percent Urcunina, Colombia / 10 percent Baroida, Papua New Guinea. Big Trouble Coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans grown in the highlands of Peru and Colombia. Our blend is a medium-bodied coffee with notes of caramel, nuts, and chocolate. We roast our coffee beans on

Fast the same day it ships.


NUTTIES, SWEET, CRUNCHY. Roast level: 72. Fast Forward Coffee Company is a small company that sources only exceptional coffee beans that meet our standards. Our goal is to provide you with the best Since tasting coffee possible. Certified Kosher whole bean coffee. We maintain detailed relationships and


Forty partnerships with each of our partners, ensuring we get the highest quality coffee


don’t roast your coffee until you place your order. That means we get it on the same day you order it. And because we’re located in Los Angeles, we can ship it out to you within 24 hours. So you’ll always have the freshest coffee available.

our founding in 1995, Counter Culture has pursued coffee perfection through a dedication to real environmental, social, fiscal, and cultural sustainability and a commitment to creating cutting-edge coffee people. We are driven by a passion for coffee and a desire to share our knowledge and experience with others. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible cup of coffee, every time.

Six is Counter Culture Coffee‘s staple dark roast for maximizing sweetness and complexity. It’s made with a full body with hints of dark chocolate and smoky tasting notes. Forty Six is available all year round. It’s an organic blend of 45% kabaywa, Uganda beans, 30% kabaywa natural, 15% cenaproca, and 15% kedemesa, Ethiopia beans.

We source only exceptional organic and kosher whole bean coffee. We maintain detailed relationships to ensure that our partners are sustainable and environmentally responsible. Our coffee is freshly roasted on the day it ships. We don’t roast our coffee beans until you place an order, and then we ship them out that same day.

Counter Culture Coffee is an American specialty coffee roaster located in Portland, Oregon. Founded in 1995 by Jim Koch, the company produces single-origin coffees from around the world. Its goal is to provide high-quality coffees at fair prices while maintaining sustainable practices.


The HOLOGRAM Coffee Blends were tested using the Agtron scale, an industry standard for measuring the quality of coffee. The test results showed that the coffee bean

blends scored 71 levels based on the Agtron scale and the coffee beans are naturally sun-dried and washed. The coffee beans are also a blend of 60% We Conception Huista beans, 30 % Dambi Udo Beans, and 10% Halbariti beans. These kosher-certified blends feature a fruity, milky chocolate flavor with a syrup body.

Slow source only exceptional coffee beans. We maintain detailed relationships. We roast your

coffee beans before you place your order. And we ship them out the same day. No third parties are allowed.

started our journey in 1995 on a small farm in Colombia. Today 100% we operate four farms in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Colombia. We are committed to sustainable farming practices and


Coffee growing high-quality coffees. Our goal is to provide farmers with fair prices, access to markets and

What education about sustainable farming practices.

Motion Decaf

The Slow Mo Decaf is the decaf

Larry’s blend of 100% Decafe La Voz, Guatemala Coffee Beans. It features a molassess and

cocoa flavor in its creamy body. The coffee beans are roasted to 58 levels and Larry’s are processed through the Swiss Water Process.

source only certified organic and kosher whole bean coffee. We maintain detailed relationships and partnerships with all of our suppliers. We don’t roast your beans until you place your orders, and then we get them shipped out to you that same day.

Peru, IHUAMACÁ. Slow Motion reflects two concepts: Coffee is best when it is freshly picked, and decaf coffee can be exceptional. Since our founding in 1995, Counter Culture has pursued coffee perfection through a dedication toward real environmental, social, financial, and cultural sustainability. We have also committed ourselves to creating cutting-edge coffee people.

subscription services like Counter Culture Coffee offer a great opportunity for sustainability. You can subscribe to a package of coffee blends that will be shipped to your door every two, three, or four weeks. Choose from a selection of nine different coffees, including organic, fair trade, shade grown, and single origin. Each blend comes with its own unique flavor profile and price point.

the Community Says

If you’re overwhelmed with the coffee blends offered by Counter Culture Coffee, Big Cup of Coffee suggests the following alternatives:


Larry‘s Coffee sources its coffee from 16 coffee-producing countries around the world. Larry’s Coffee partners with small farm co-ops that produce coffee in 2 to 5-acre plots of land. These farmers grow coffee in different regions of the world to create a unique flavor. Their coffee is roasted in varying lengths before blending together to create a taste that suits your palate.

Coffee Roasters is a Certified B Corporation. A B Corp is an American nonprofit corporation that meets rigorous standards of social and environmental responsibility. Larry’s is committed to operating in a manner consistent with its mission statement and core values. These values are: “To create value through integrity, transparency, accountability, respect, collaboration, diversity, innovation, sustainability, and purpose.”

Tiny Footprint Coffee

Tiny footprint Coffee is a coffee roasting company that sources its coffee beans from farmers who protect the environment where they grow them. Tiny footprint Coffee also pays its growers a fair and competitive rate.

Read how Tiny Footprint Coffee brings you delicious coffee blends while protecting the environment from their full Tiny Footprint Coffee Review. Tiny Footprint Coffee is the world’s first carbon-negative coffee that sources its coffee beans from farmers who care about the environment and pay them a fair wage. Its mission is to create a sustainable future through coffee. They’re committed to sourcing their coffee from small farms that practice sustainable agriculture and protect the environment where their beans grow.

Portland Roasting Company

Portland Coffee Co. is committed to sourcing all of its coffee ethically. All of their coffees come from small farms in Central America, where they help protect the environment through sustainable farming practices. Their goal is to provide a fair wage to the workers who grow their coffee. They also strive to reduce their carbon footprint by using renewable energy sources like solar panels.

1996, Portland Roasting has been sourcing coffee directly from farmers while working to build sustainable relationships with them and their communities. Through these relationships, Portland Roasting has built long-term partnerships with small farms in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and South America. Their goal is to provide farmers with fair compensation for their crops and to help them grow their businesses. By doing so, they hope to strengthen the relationships between farmers and consumers and reduce the environmental impact of growing coffee.

Our Verdict

Coffee is an important part of our daily lives. We need it to wake us up in the morning, keep us energized throughout the day, and help us wind down at night. But there’s no perfect cup of coffee. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to taste, aroma, and flavor. Some prefer strong flavors while others enjoy lighter ones. There are even those who like their coffee black. So why does everyone seem to agree that Starbucks is the best? Well, because they’re the biggest player in the industry. They’ve established themselves as the standard bearer for coffee quality. And they’ve done this through consistent innovation and customer service.

Sustainability is an important topic for everyone. At Starbucks, we’re committed to creating a safe environment for our partners and customers. We’ve made changes to address issues that arose during the last year, including expanding background checks for all employees, increasing diversity hiring efforts, improving communication channels, and providing additional training. We also launched a partnership with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) to promote racial equity and inclusion.


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