Breville Precision Brewer: The Do-it-All Drip Coffee Maker – 2022

Breville Precision Brewer

Breville Precision Brewer The DoitAll Drip Coffee Maker

The Breville Precision Brewer is an SCA-certified drip coffee maker that offers many great features at an affordable price. It has a sleek design and comes with a thermal carafe that keeps your coffee hot longer. You can choose from 6 different brew sizes and temperatures. There are also several pre-set options like espresso, French press, and pour-overs. If you prefer to customize your own coffee, there are also adjustable controls for water temp, pressure, and volume. The brewer also includes a built-in grinder and a tamper to help grind your beans correctly. Overall, this is a great option for those looking for a simple and easy-to-use coffee maker.

The Breville Precision Brewer Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker. The Breville Precision Brewer is an automatic drip coffee maker with a thermal carafe that allows users to brew third-wave specialty coffees at home. The brewer features six different preset settings including Gold, Fast, Strong Iced, Cold Brew, My Brew, and Hot Water. Each setting offers a specific flavor profile. For example, the Gold setting will produce a medium roast coffee with hints of caramel and chocolate. The Fast setting will produce a light roast coffee with bright acidity and a clean finish. The Strong Iced setting will create a bold espresso-style cup with intense flavors. The Cold Brew setting will produce a rich cold brewed coffee with notes of sweet milk and vanilla. The My Brew setting will produce a cup of hot water that tastes like the water used to prepare the coffee. The Hot Water setting produces a cup of hot water similar to what you would get from a kettle.

Brewing coffee at home can be an enjoyable experience, but it also requires a lot of effort and attention. The perfect cup of coffee takes time and skill. A great brewer will help you achieve your best results. The Breville Precision Brewer glass carafe features a precision thermostat that ensures consistent temperatures every time. The gold standard setting allows you to adjust the water temperature and brew length to meet the standards set out by the SCAA (197 to 204 degrees)

BREVILLE AUTOMATIC FLOW RATE SYSTEM: Brews at the optimal flow rate for your preferred size cup, allowing you to enjoy a consistent flavor every time. BREVITY MODE: When brewing multiple cups, the system will switch to auto mode after the first cup is brewed, saving you time and energy. BREVITY MULTI CUP: Brewing two or three cups simultaneously? No problem! Just press the button once to start brewing all three cups simultaneously.

Brew any volume of coffee exactly as you like it with the flat bottom and cone filter baskets both included.

Our Quick Review

A single cup of coffee costs around $2.50-$3.00. A double cup will cost you about $5.00-$6.00. If you’re looking for something cheaper, then you should consider buying an espresso maker instead. Espresso machines are usually less expensive than other coffee makers. You can also buy a cheap espresso machine at

About Breville

Breville has been around since 1908 and is still going strong. Their products are designed to help you prepare delicious meals at home. Some of their best-selling models include the BOV800XL Smart Oven, the BOV890XL Smart Slow Cooker, and the BOV900XL Smart Grill. They also offer a range of accessories like cookware, bakeware, and even a coffee maker.

Breville started out making simple kitchen appliances like toasters and coffee makers. Today, Breville is an international brand that manufactures a range of high-quality appliances including espresso machines, toasters, blenders, and more. Breville is constantly innovating and improving its products to ensure they meet the needs of consumers.

SCA Home Brewer Certification

The Speciality Coffee Association Certification Program was developed by a group consisting of coffee scientists and professionals. Their goal was to create an objective certification system that could be applied to any type of coffee brewer. The SCA Home Brewers Certification program consists of three main categories: brewing method, brewing water, and brewing equipment. Each category contains several subcategories.

Brewing coffee at the right temperature. Make sure your coffee tastes great. Having an easy-to-clean machine. All of these are important when making coffee at home. But what if you could get all of those features plus a few extras? That’s exactly what the Breville Precision Brewer does. It’s a fully automatic espresso maker that also lets you brew coffee using ground beans. It’s designed to give you great-tasting coffee every single time. And because it’s made by Breville, it comes with a 10-year warranty.


The Thermal Carafe is the best option if you like your coffee hot all the time. It heats up quickly and maintains temperature throughout brewing. The Glass Carafe requires constant heating to maintain its temperature. If you prefer your coffee at room temperature, then the Glass Carafe is the way to go.

Sealing your coffee maker will keep the coffee fresh longer. When you seal the lid, the air inside the container gets trapped and prevents the oxygen from reaching the coffee beans. Oxygen reacts with the coffee oil, causing it to oxidize and turn acidic. This results in an unpleasant taste. If you choose to drink your coffee black, then sealing the container may not matter because there isn’t any oxidation happening anyway. However, if you like your coffee with milk or cream, then you should definitely consider buying a thermal carafe instead of a sealed container.


One important thing to consider when making your own coffee at home is the temperature of the water you’re using. If you’re looking to brew the perfect cup of coffee every time, then you’ll need to understand what temperature the water should be at. All coffee machines heat water to different temperatures before releasing it through the grounds to drip down into the carafe below. Some coffee machines heat water to around 200 degrees Fahrenheit while others heat it to around 205 degrees Fahrenheit.

Breville’s Precision Brewer is a fully automatic espresso machine. You can adjust the water temperature and the brewing time. The water temperature can be adjusted between 195°C and 205°C. The water is sprayed through the showerhead onto the ground coffee. This ensures that the water hits the coffee evenly. The Breville Precision Brewer is shortlisted by the SCAA.

The coffee prepared with the Breville Precision Coffee Maker is tastier than coffee brewed using the usual cheap drip coffee makers. The machine is optimized for allowing bloom time and other tweaks for your preferred taste. The brew chamber holds the water based upon your pre-set preferences. Thus, it allows you to extract the full flavor of the coffee grounds in its command.

Six Presets

The precision with Glass Carafe and Thermal Carafe both have 6 brew settings. Five of those are present, while the last one is called My Brew. Here’s an overview of what each setting does: Gold Cup. It’s a standard cup size, and it’s designed to give you a perfect cup every time. You can adjust the strength, temperature, and grind size. If you prefer a darker roast, just increase the number of espresso beans. For lighter roasts, decrease the number of espresso beans.

The Gold Standard set lets you prepare coffee according to the specifications of the SCA. This setting automatically adjusts brewing time and temperature. Follow the instructions for the Gold Standard setting in terms of grounds to liquid ratio. Slow. For a pot of coffee for all, just tap the slow setting. It will prepare an entire pot of coffee in the same amount of time it takes for a regular setting to brew coffee. The Nespresso coffee maker takes 10 to 12 minutes in its standard settings, while the slow setting takes only 5 to 7 minutes to brew coffee.

Breville’s strong brew feature allows users to adjust the amount of ground coffee added to the water. You can also choose whether you want a weaker or stronger cup of coffee. If you prefer a lighter taste, then you can reduce the number of grounds in the filter. On the other hand, if you like your coffee stronger, you can increase the number of grounds in relation to the volume of water.

Iced coffee. Iced coffee is made by mixing hot water with cold milk and sweetener. You need to use an extra amount of ground coffee when making this drink because the ice melts during preparation. After adding the ice, wait for about two hours for the mixture to cool down. Then serve!

Cold Brew Coffee is made using an extraction method called cold brewing. A concentrate of ground coffee beans is brewed at room temperature for several days. The result is a rich, flavorful beverage that you can drink straight or add ice cubes to create a refreshing iced coffee.


the brew is an app that allows you to customize the brewing process of your favorite coffee maker. You can adjust the strength of your coffee by adjusting the amount of water you put in. You can also change the length of time the coffee is brewed. If you prefer a stronger flavor, you can increase the number of ground coffee beans you add to the brewer. The app will then automatically adjust the amount of water added to get the right flavor.

Breville Precision brewers shared on Reddit the golden tips of brewing perfect coffee. These are some of their favorite custom settings worth considering when choosing your MyBrew setting: “I use 1 minute bloom time, max bloom volume, 90°C, and minimum flow.” (Wiz_Kalita) “Lower temperatures with darker roasts” (Wiz_Kalitat).

“My favorite method of brewing coffee is the French press. I prefer the flavor of freshly ground beans, and the best grind size is about ¼ inch. I brew at room temperature, around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and let the grounds sit for 30 seconds before pressing down. I also add a splash of hot water to help dissolve the oils. My preferred cup size is 8 ounces, and I usually drink two cups per day.” (The_Bacon_Taco)

I like my espresso made at home using an AeroPress. I use a Wilfo Svart grinder and grind to taste. For lighter roasts, I go coarse. For darker roasts, I go finer.” (MuSheep)

PID Temperature Control

Breville Precision Brewer’s PID control allows you to precisely adjust the temperature of your beverage. The thermostat is made up of two parts: the heating element and the pump. The heating element heats water to the desired temperature while the pump circulates the water through the unit. The combination of both elements creates an accurate and efficient brewing experience.

PourOver Adapter

The Precision brewer includes a pour-over mode. But, Breville highly recommends using an adapter accessory for the best taste. You will not get this with the brewer itself. Likewise, the traditional basket is also removable. Alternatively, you can use a coffee dropper, where the V60 and Kalita wave are the highly recommended ones. These are some of the fun ways to automate your pour-overs with the Breville Precision fully.

Single Cup Brewing

If you’re going to be making coffee for just yourself, then the Breville Precision Coffee Maker is perfect. It has a unique single-serve feature that allows you to brew your favorite coffee right to your mug. This means there’s no need to buy pods or filter paper. You simply add water and ground coffee beans, press start, and wait about five minutes while the machine does all the hard work. Once done, you’ll get a hot cup of coffee straight out of the machine. If you’d like to make larger quantities, however, you can still use the same machine. Just fill the reservoir with enough water to cover the grounds, plug it in, and let the machine do its thing.


The Breville Precision Brewer comes with a filter basket holder. It’s compatible with gold-toning filters and standard paper filters, but if you prefer using a conical filter adapter, it‘s best to use the 4th paper filter if you‘re aiming to brew small amounts of drip coffee.

SteepandRelease Technology

Precision Brew Technology is an innovation found only in the Breville Precision Brewer. This feature allows you to control the amount of time your coffee spends in contact with hot water. This helps you achieve the perfect cup every time. You also get to choose whether you want to brew a regular pot of coffee or a cold brew.


Capacity: Up to 60 ounces/12 cups. Dimensions: 11.8″ x 6.2″ x 16.1″. Capacity per Brew Cycle: Can brew up to 60 ounces/12 Cups given that each cup of coffee is 5 ounces. If you increase your coffee volume to 8 ounces per cup then one brew cycle will prepare around 7.5 cups of Coffee.

It comes with a 1-year limited product warranty. Warranty length depends on the country you buy it in. Power and voltage: it operates at 110–120 volts.


The Breville’s Precision Brewer has the following features: Thermal carafe. Coffee spoon. Cone filter basket. Mesh basket filter. Flat bottom basket filter paper pack. Water hardness test strip.

Use and Care

Breville made the brewing experience simple. You can choose your preferred strength of coffee with just two buttons. A single touch will start brewing right away. The display shows you how many cups you have left, the temperature of the water, and the time remaining. There is also a timer to let you know when your brew cycle is complete.

Cleaning the Precision Brewer Thermal is easy. Simply wipe down the exterior with a soft cloth, and wash the removable parts with warm soap and water. To keep your coffee fresh, empty and rinse out the carafe and lid before using them again. If you want to clean the coffee dripper, simply run hot water through it once every few weeks.

If you’re looking for an easy DIY descaler, you can use 50% water and 50% white distilled vinegar. If you’d like a safe, proven descaler, you can also use the same 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water.

A single cup of coffee can cost anywhere from $1-$3.00 depending on the type of coffee and whether or not it is organic. If you were to purchase a coffee maker, you could spend hundreds of dollars on a machine that will only brew enough coffee for yourself once a week at best. The Precision Brewer Thermal Coffee Maker descales for a matter a mere 15 minutes, making it perfect for those who hate spending hours cleaning out their coffee machines.

What You Need to Know Before You Buy

There are many different types of coffee makers available today. Some are designed to brew single cups while others can brew multiple cups at once. There are also models that can heat water automatically. Some models even offer features like timers and alarms. You will need to consider the size of your kitchen when choosing a coffee maker. If you plan on brewing coffee every day, then you might want to invest in a larger model. On the other hand, if you just drink coffee occasionally, then you might not need a large model.

If your Breville doesn’t heat properly, please contact us at We will replace the unit free of charge. Please note that we cannot accept returns if you purchased the product through

Precision Brewer doesn’t get hot fast enough for small doses, but you can always preheat your cup and coffee maker before brewing. The Bloom Volume feature allows you to adjust the temperature of the water going through the brewer. You also get the option to adjust the amount of time the coffee takes to brew. The older US models have the Bloom Time feature that lets you adjust the length of time the coffee takes.

The Gold settings of the Breville Precision Brewer work well with any coffee beans, compared to AeroPress and French press. These machines are automated pour-overs without harmony. If you want a single cup of coffee, the best temperature to configure is 142. Both Breville Precision Brewer and Mocha Master can brew delicious coffee. But if you’re looking for a coffee maker with longevity and easily accessible parts, the Mocca Master steps in.

The Precision Brew is recommended for entry-level brewers because it gives them more control and tinkering, while still giving them an easy time making a perfect cup of coffee. It also has automatic functions for those who want a quick brew in the mornings. It has a timer function that you can set up before bed and then wake up to your perfect cup of coffee.

Looking for an easy way to get started with roasting your own beans? We’ve got you covered! Here are some great resources to help you get started:


TechnivorMoccaMaster is an automatic espresso machine that brews a single cup of coffee at a time. It features a built-in timer and a removable drip tray. The unit also includes a programmable start button, auto shutoff feature, and a five-year warranty. It’s easy to clean and maintain. If you need a replacement filter, you can buy them online. However, if you prefer to do it yourself, you can remove the top panel and replace the filter yourself. It’s recommended to keep your TechnivorMoccaMasters in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

. TechniVorm Moccamaster Plus. Perfect Coffee Every Time. This pump-free coffee brewer heats water to the perfect temperature for coffee extraction. Easily Brews a Full Pot of Coffee in Just 3 Minutes Using One Switch. Quiet and Safe. The Moccamaster Plus quietly brews your coffee in just 3 minutes using one button. It automatically shuts itself off after 100 minutes.

Moccamasters are made with quality materials that will last a lifetime. Our coffee makers come with a 5-year warranty. You can also rest assured knowing your coffee brewer is safe for you and your family.

Bonavita OneTouch Coffee Maker

The Bonavita One Touch Coffee Maker is an 8-cuber inch stainless steel coffee maker that comes with a pre-infusion feature, which allows you to wet the grounds before brewing. It also has a powerful 1500-watt heating element, which keeps the ideal brewing temperature at 91°-96° C.

Bonavita One Touch Coffee Maker. One touch brew operation with auto-off. The carafe lid, filter basket, and shower head are all dishwasher safe. The powerful 1500-watt heater maintains optimal brewing temperature at 195° – 205° F (91° – 96° C). A flat-bottomed filter basket and large shower head allow for even better saturation and even extraction.

This carafe is made out of durable stainless steel. It is double-walled, meaning there is an inner layer of stainless steel and an outer layer of glass. Both layers have high heat resistance, making them ideal for hot liquids like coffee. The inner layer also helps keep your coffee warm longer. This carafe is BPA-free, meaning you won’t get any nasty chemicals in your drink.


The Breville Precision brewer allows you to customize the temperature, water volume, and brew time. You can also adjust the strength of the coffee using the dial at the bottom of the unit. It comes with a built-in burr grinder, which means you won’t need to purchase a separate grinder. If you prefer espresso-style drinks, you can add an optional portafilter to the device. The Breville Precision Brewer is a great option if you like to experiment with different types of coffees.

If you’re looking for a quality machine that will last, then the Technivorm MoccaMasters is what you need. The Breville Precision Brew Thermal Coffee Maker is a 60oz drip coffee maker with a thermal cup. It offers automatic features like pre-infusion, auto shutoff after brewing, and an easy-to-read digital display. It also includes a programmable timer, pause/brew/extends the functionality and a removable water filter basket. The Technivorm Moccamasters is a great option if you want to enjoy your coffee at its best.

6 unique brewing modes ensure you always get the perfect cup of coffee. You can choose from Gold, Fast, Strong Iced, Cold Brew, My Brew, and the classic espresso mode. Each of these presets offers you the perfect balance of flavor, aroma, and crema. Precise digital temperature control ensures that each cup is brewed perfectly every time. The thermostat also allows you to adjust the temperature to suit your preference. The Thermo Coil Heating system delivers water that is more pure and free of minerals than other brewing systems.

In Gold Cup standard mode the Breville Precision brewer will adjust the water temperature and brew length to match the SCA guidelines (197 to 204 degrees) and hold the water in contact with coffee while brewing without the glass carafe present.

My Brew Setting allows you to customize parameters like brew temperature, water hardness, and flow rate to fit your preferences. You can also choose from different brewing techniques including manual, semi-automatic, and automatic. My Brew Setting also includes two filter baskets, allowing you to brew any amount of coffee exactly how you prefer it.


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