Breville Dose Control Pro: The Smart Coffee Grinder – 2022

Breville Dose Control Pro

Breville Dose Control Pro The Smart Coffee Grinder  – Grinding your own coffee beans is an art form, and not all grinders are created equal. There are plenty of options available, but choosing the right one for your needs can be tricky. The Breville DOSE Control Pro is a high-end grinder with lots of great features and a unique design. However, is this grinder worth the $200 price tag? Let’s see if it lives up to its hype!

Breville Dose Control Pro The Smart Coffee Grinder

Breville’s Dose Control Pro Espresso Grinder features stainless steel conical burrs that minimize grind heat and protect your essential oils. The adjustable razor dose trimming tool allows you to easily adjust the number of coffee grounds you need for each cup. The convenient grind time dial lets you choose the perfect grind every time. The compact and sleek design is easy to store in any kitchen cabinet.

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The Breville Dose Control Pro is an amazing tool for creating delicious espresso at home. Its wide range of grind settings allows you to create the perfect grind for your favorite cup of coffee. The Breville Dose Control Pro is a great addition to any kitchen because it helps you boost creativity through thoughtful design and inspires inventiveness with its iconic line of smart home appliances.

Overview of the Breville Grind Control

The Breville Coffee Grinder is a great tool for those who love their coffee. It allows you to adjust the amount of coffee you want to grind at any time. You can also choose from six different grind sizes, ranging from fine to coarse. The conical burr is made of high-quality hardened stainless steel to minimize heat while grinding.

The Good

This grinder is made of high-quality stainless steel, which means that it will last for years. It also comes with an easy-to-use dial system that allows you to adjust the grind setting to your preference. It’s also very versatile because it works well with both espresso and drip coffees.

The machine works like any other espresso machine, except that it doesn’t require electricity. You just need to fill its reservoir with ground coffee beans and press the button. The machine will then grind them using a rotating drum and push the resulting liquid through an espresso filter. After that, you just need to pour hot water into your cup and enjoy!

Once you have all the ingredients ready, press the start button on the grinder, then place the ground coffee beans into the filter basket. Next, choose your preferred grind setting and adjust the timer to the amount of time you need. Finally, press the start button again, and enjoy your freshly brewed coffee!

The Bad

Dose Control Pro isn‘t a perfect grinder, but it does have some minor setbacks that you need to be aware of. For instance, you won’t be able to switch out the coffee grounds instantly because of the distance from the ground container to the grinder spout, so you will need to grind one more cup before you can completely empty the hopper.

You should also consider the cost of the grinder when choosing your coffee maker. If you buy a cheap grinder, you will not get the same quality of coffee as if you bought a high-end grinder. You will need to invest in a good grinder, which will last for years.

The Bottomline

Dose Control Pro is an easy-to-use espresso grinder that makes grinding your own coffee beans quick and convenient. It offers over 60 grind settings to help you get just the right amount of ground coffee for your favorite drinks. You can also easily adjust the grind size using the included tool. Cleaning is made easy with the built-in catch tray.

The Breville Dose Control PRO is an excellent coffee maker. However, its high price tag and lack of a warranty may not be worth it if you’re looking for something cheap. You could also consider buying the OXO On 12 Cup Coffee Maker. It’s cheaper and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Features Benefits

Performance and quality. Direct grinding. The Breville Control pro grinds directly whether you’re using portafilters, filter baskets, a gold-toned filter basket, or filter paper. It’s a versatile grinder because you can use various filters of your choosing.

Precision Electronic Timer

The Breville Dose Control Pro is an easy-to-use espresso maker that will give you consistent results every time. Its precision timer lets you adjust the time by 1-second increments to achieve a controlled dosage. You can also choose between two different grind sizes, depending on your preference.

Pause Function

The DOSE CONTROL PRO sure can grind directly. But, compared to other coffee machines, this machine has a Pause Function that allows you to stop the grinder and let the coffee beans fall back into the hopper. This feature will help you avoid spilling coffee all over your countertop.


Unlike other smart coffee grinders like the Dose Control, the Dose Control Pro doesn’t have any kind of display to show you what setting you are using. But, you can still program the settings in the Dose Control Pro with the simple button and dials that most espresso lovers love.

Grinding Mechanism

This coffee maker is an effective device for grinding coffee beans. Stainless steel conical burrs are used to grind the coffee beans while protecting them from losing any essential oils.

Automatic Thermal Safety Shut Off

This coffee maker is a non-electric kitchen appliance. It has a built-in thermostat that controls the temperature inside the machine. If the machine isn’t used for five minutes, the ThermoPro TP5200 will automatically shift to low heat or power save mode.

Grinding Chamber

The DOSE CONTROL PRO has a grinding chamber that eliminates static before it dispenses ground coffee. Coffee beans naturally become static because of friction created when two materials meet (the conical burrs and the coffee bean). If you’re using an electric burr grinder, there’s also the risk of burning yourself if you touch the hot burrs. To prevent this, many coffee enthusiasts use the Ross Droplet Technique (RDT), which involves spraying or adding droplets to the coffee grounds. But when you use the DOSE CONTROL PRO, static in coffee beans won’t be a problem at all.

Hardened Stainless Steel Conical Burrs

The Breville BVF100XL features a stainless steel conical burr grinder, which ensures low static in your coffee beans. Whether you’re grinding coarse or fine grind, you’ll enjoy the fact that the burrs keep grind heat at bay, protecting where the fresh coffee flavor lies.

Coffee Bean Hopper Locking System

The hoppers of the Dose Control Pros are designed to help you grind your coffee beans quickly and easily. The locking system ensures that the machine won‘t make a mess while doing its job. And because it’s removable, it’s also easier to clean when you need to change out the grinder.

Dual portafilter

Dose Control Pro comes with 2 portafilter cards that allow you to grind your coffee beans simultaneously. You will need to buy different coffee filters depending on what kind of coffee you are making. For example, if you are making espresso, you will need a filter made specifically for espresso. If you are making drip coffee, you will need a regular paper filter.


This coffee grinder comes with a variable top burr, which allows users to adjust the grind size for different types of coffees. You can also choose between two grind sizes: fine and coarse. Fine grinds produce a lighter, less bitter cup of coffee while coarse grinds create a stronger, darker brew.

Manual Grind

This grinder is a versatile espresso grinder because you can also operate it to manually grind fine or coarse beans for your espresso or french press coffee. The manual mechanism allows you to have total control over how many coffee beans you put in the hopper. You can choose the number of coffee beans you want to grind at any time.

Direct Grind

The Dose Control Pro features an easy-to-use interface that lets you select your preferred grind setting. The grinder is designed to fit perfectly in any kitchen. Its compact size means it won’t take up much space on your countertop. The Dose Control Pro also includes a built-in timer that will stop automatically when the water runs out.


Breville produces high-quality kitchen appliances. Their coffee grinders are designed to the exacting standards. The conical burr is made of stainless steel and is known for its ability to minimize heat buildup and prevent static in the grounds.


Capacity bean Hoppers are designed to brew coffee at high temperatures while maintaining optimal flavor extraction. These hoppers have a conical burr grind system that allows for consistent grinding throughout the brewing cycle. The stainless steel construction provides durability and long life. The capacity bean hopper comes in two sizes, 7.5 inches, and 6 inches, allowing you to choose the size that best fits your needs.

Accessories Included

A single portafilter cradle. It’s a simple device that holds your portafilters at the correct height. It also allows you to adjust the height of the portafilter basket. A single portafilter is perfect if you need just one size of the portafilter. If you want two different sizes, you will need two portafilters.


Breville recommends you clean your grinder after every use. You should also unplug the unit from the wall socket before washing it. If you need to wash it thoroughly, then use warm water and soap. After you finish cleaning, dry the machine using a soft cloth.

Remove the bean hopper from your machine and empty it. Wash the removable components with soap and water, rinse them thoroughly, and air dry. Clean the exterior of the machine with a clean, damp cloth to remove any coffee stains. Another important component of your machine is the conical burr. These burrs help protect the beans from dissipation and allow them to retain their coffee flavors and undertones. You can keep your burr clean by washing it regularly with warm water and dish soap.

Breville Dose Control Pro

What You Should Know Before You Buy

Breville Dose Control Pro Coffee Grinder is an excellent choice for those looking for a high-quality grinder at a reasonable price. It features a stainless steel burr grinder that ensures minimal heat generation while grinding your favorite coffee beans. The grinder also comes with a built-in timer that lets you program the time you want to start and stop grinding.

This grinder is designed for high-quality espresso drinks. It features an easy-to-use digital display and controls, and includes a stainless steel burr grinder head with two different grinding plates, allowing you to choose between fine or coarse grinding. A large capacity hopper holds enough beans for about 40 cups of espresso, and the included filter holder allows you to easily remove the grounds after brewing.

This is a great coffee grinder for those who want to save space and not waste time grinding beans manually. It is also perfect for those who like to experiment with different coffees and roasts. It comes with a stainless steel burr grinder and a stainless steel bean hopper. The grinder can handle all types of beans, including espresso, regular, decaffeinated, and even chocolate. It is easy to clean and maintain.

The machine works well, and it is easy to clean and keep up. It has an auto-shutoff feature, so you don’t need to worry about running out of electricity. It also has a pause button, which allows you to adjust the number of coffee beans in the hoppers. You can use this machine for any kind of brewing method that you like.


There are two main differences between the Smart Grinder and the Dose Control. One is the screen display on the Smart Grinder and not the Dose Control. The other is the weight of the two units. The Dose Control is about half the weight of the Smart Grinder. Both units have similar adjustments for the grind timer. However, the Dose Control has smoother controls than the Smart Grinder.

How to dose coffee? You should adjust your dosing based on the recipe. Dosage refers to the volume or grams of ground coffee dictated by the recipe. Some recipes are one rounded tablespoonful, others are four tablespoons, and the newest scientific studies have shown that 1 teaspoon of coffee can result in an excellent brew. Recipe recommendations are all over the place these days because so many different people prefer different levels of caffeine or flavor intensity. For example, one serving experiment will call for under 16g, but you’ll need more than 35g when you’re making it for 6 people at once! As far as I’m concerned, this shouldn’t pose too much cause for worry. If you know what your cooking needs are ahead of time, then this shouldn’t pose any problems either.

Breville has taken care of the problem by changing the design of the grinder. The company replaced the plastic impeller with a metal one. This prevents the device from jamming when using the grinder.


The Breville Smart Grinder Pro is an affordable coffee maker that will give you great-tasting coffee. You can choose from three different grind sizes and two cup sizes. It also comes with a timer and a removable filter basket. The stainless steel burrs will ensure that your coffee tastes fresh every time. There are no messes on the countertop because the container holds itself securely with magnets.

Breville The Smart Grinder PRO. Stainless Steel Conical Burrs Designed To Minimize Grinding Heat And Protect The Essential Oils In The Coffee Bean. 60 Precise Grind Settings From The Finest Espresso To The Coarsest French Press Grind. Voltage: 110 120 Voltes. Power: 165 Watts Precision Electronic Timer Allows Users To Adjust Grind Time In 0.2 Second Increments And Consistent Dose Every Time.

This grinder is designed for 18 ounces of beans at a time. It features a locking mechanism that allows you to easily remove the hopper, store it, and then transfer it to another location. You can also grind directly into your portafilter, the hopper, or even a paper filter.

OXO Conical Burr Grinder

OXO is a company dedicated to making everyday life easier. Their products are made with high-quality materials and designs, and they are not afraid to try out new ideas. The OXO Brew Conic Burr Grinder is a BPA-free stainless steel grinder to help you grind your favorite coffee beans to your preferred consistency. It comes with fifteen different settings and micro ones too, and because it’s designed intuitively, you won’t have any trouble using this model, which has a one-touch button for adjusting preferences. The best part about this grinder is its warranty, which covers all parts and labor for the lifetime of the product.

OXO Brewed Coffee Maker with Conical Burr Grinders and Automatic Shut Off. The OXO Brewed Coffee Maker includes an integrated scale for measuring out your perfect cup of coffee. The conical burr grinders produce consistent results every time, while the automatic shut-off prevents over-extraction and keeps your coffee fresh.

A high torque/low-speed motor will not overheat your beans while grinding them. It also prevents static buildup and preserves bean flavors. A built-in overheating protection system ensures that the motor does not get damaged when it gets too hot. You can easily switch between three different modes: Cups mode, grams mode or manual mode. In cups mode, you grind based upon the number of cups of ground coffee you would like to prepare. In grams mode, you grind based solely on the weight of the grounds you would like to prepare, and in manual mode, you choose the amount of time you would like to grind your beans.

No-Bean Detector will not allow you to grind if the hopper isn’t full. The voltage is 120v/60hz. Hopper holds 16oz of coffee beans and features an opening to trap them inside when the hopper is removed. Grinder groundskeeper holds up to 125g – enough ground coffee to brew twelve cups. The OXOs Better Guarantee: If there is an issue with your OXXO product, get in contact with us to repair or exchange it. We’re thankful for the opportunity to learn about your experience, and we’ll make it better.

Breville Dose Control Pro

KitchenAid Burr Coffee Grind

The Kitchen Aid Burr Coffee Grinder offers a lower cost point and over 70 options for programmable settings. Not bad at all. It also has the exact same 1-year limited warranty as the Brevilles. KitchenAid Burr Coffee Grinders. 70 precise settings for your perfect grind – From coarse for a cold brew and french press, to fine for espresso. The easy reference brew method icon helps to easily match the grind to the brew method.

Brewing great coffee doesn’t need to be hard. Automatic Smart Dosing Technology adjusts the amount of ground coffee you put into your grinder according to the volume of water you choose. You get the right dose every time, regardless of grind size. Brew Time Control lets you adjust the length of brewing time to suit your preference. And the built-in adjustable portafilter holder allows you to grind directly into any 54-mm or 58 mm portafilter, perfect for espresso making at home.

10 oz capacity hopper with a removable top to save and transfer unused coffee back into a sealed container. Capacities vary depending on bean type and roasting level.


The Breville Dose Control Pro is an espresso maker that allows you to be experiment with your brewing methods, due to its 60 grind settings. As the whole machine grinds, the stainless steel cone burrs protect the essential oil of the coffee beans from dissipation. With the Dose Control Pro coffee grinder, You can always mash the coffee bean with consistency.

. The Burrs & Grinder Bundle. BURRS: Stainless Steel Conical Burr. SETTINGS: 12 precise grind settings from ultra-fine to coarse. VERSATLE: Great for espresso, Percolator, drip, French Press. CONVENIENT: Grind Time Dial. DESIGN: Compact & Sleek Design.

Breville Espresso machines are among the best espresso makers available today. If you’re looking for an automatic espresso maker, then you should consider buying a Breville espresso machine. These machines are not only easy to use, but also provide excellent quality coffee every time.

Breville Espresso Machines: Precision Espresso at Home. A perfect cup of espresso requires precise temperature control, high pressure, and an excellent grind. The Breville Barista Pro Precise Espresso Machine delivers all three. The Breville Baristo Express delivers the best value for your money. The Breville Bambino offers great quality and value. The Breville Bamboo Espresso Maker is the ideal entry-level coffee maker. And finally, the Breville Infuser is the ultimate test of whether you really like coffee.

Coffeemaker: Grinder: Breville Smart Grind Pro: An intelligent grinder for coffee beans. Breville Dose control pro: the smart coffee grinder. Milk frother:


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