Best Coffee Shops in Miami Gardens


If you live in Miami Gardens or nearby areas, then you probably already know where some of the best coffee shops are located. Whether you want a quick cup of java at home or enjoy a relaxing afternoon at a cafe, these places offer great service and delicious food.

Coffee shops come in all shapes and sizes. Some specialize in serving only espresso drinks, while others offer a full menu of coffees, teas, smoothies, and snacks.

There are lots of coffee shops around town, but only a handful of them are worth visiting. If you want to get the best out of your visit to a coffee shop in Miami Gardens, check out our guide to choosing the perfect place for you.

Coffee Shops in Miami Gardens : The historical Guide

  • Coffee shops have been around since the early days of America. They were first introduced by immigrants from Italy who brought their own traditions with them. Today, there are many different types of coffee shops that serve a variety of beverages. The most popular type is the American-style coffee shop. These places usually sell coffee beans and ground coffee as well as other coffee-related products such as mugs, cups, and filters.

The first coffee shop in Miami Gardens was opened by a man named John S. Collins in 1892. He sold his coffee beans from a wagon that he pulled through the streets of Miami Gardens.

In those days, people would buy their coffee beans from street vendors who were selling roasted coffee beans on carts. They would grind the beans right there and sell it to customers. Today, most coffee shops have an espresso machine that allows them to make fresh espresso drinks. However, they still serve other types of beverages like cappuccinos, lattes, and mochas.

You can find coffee shops in every neighborhood in Miami Gardens. There are even some that specialize in serving specialty drinks such as chai tea latte, matcha green tea latte, and macchiatos.

Best Coffee Shops in “Miami Gardens”

If you want to go somewhere special, try one of the following coffee shops in Miami Gardens.

1. Bistro Cafe

Bistro Cafe is a restaurant with a unique atmosphere. It has a European feel to it, which makes it a popular spot among locals. It serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You will be able to find everything from sandwiches to salads, soups, and pastries.

2. Cafe Havana

This is one of the oldest coffee shops in Miami Gardens. It was founded in 1960. This Cuban restaurant serves authentic Cuban cuisine along with its famous café con leche.

3. Café Cuba Libre

Café Cuba Libre has been open since 1936. It offers a wide selection of Cuban dishes, if you love Cuban food, this is the place for you. You will be able to taste traditional dishes like arroz con pollo, ropa vieja, and bacalao.

4. Caffe Mediterraneum

Mediterranean food is very popular in Miami Gardens. It is a small Italian restaurant that specializes in serving pizza, pasta, and calzone. It also serves homemade gelato. Caffe Mediterraneum has been open since 1980.

5. Cafe del Sol

This Mexican restaurant serves tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and nachos. It also sells chips and salsa. It has been open for over 30 years.

6. El Pueblito

El Pueblito is a Mexican restaurant located in North Miami Beach. It is known for its delicious tacos and burritos.

7. La Casita de Pepe

La Casita de Pepe is a Latin American restaurant that serves Peruvian food. It is owned by a family that has lived in Peru for generations.

8. Lazy Days Cafe

Lazy Days Cafe is a casual cafe where you can enjoy your favorite beverage while relaxing at the beach or poolside. It is a great place to hang out with friends or meet new people.

9. Mango Tree Cafe

Mango Tree Cafe is a healthy cafe that focuses on organic foods. It is a perfect place to grab a quick bite to eat before heading off to work.

10. Cafe La Perla

La Perla means pearl in Spanish. This cafe is located inside the Hotel La Perla. It serves delicious baked goods, sandwiches, and desserts.

Final Thoughts

There are many different types of coffee shops in Miami Gardens today. Some of these include cafes, restaurants, bakeries, juice bars, and more. If you are looking for a good cup of joe, then you should check out some of these places.

The best coffee shop in Miami Gardens is Cafe Havana. It was founded in 1960 and has been serving up delicious Cuban cuisine ever since. Many tourists visit Cafe Havana because they have heard about how much their food is worth trying. They offer an extensive menu featuring both sweet and savory options.

We hope you enjoyed this article on our top 10 list of Best Coffee Shops in “Miami Gardens”.

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