10 Best Coffee Shops in Charlotte

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What kind of coffee shops in Charlotte? There are lots of options, from local cafes to chain stores. Which ones are worth visiting?

Coffee is one of the world’s favorite beverages. Whether you want to relax or get some work done, coffee shops offer a variety of services and amenities. Some even serve food.

“Best Coffee Shops in Charlotte”, so you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect place to enjoy your morning cup of joe.

Best Coffee Shops in Charlotte Visit One Today

If you are a coffee lover, then you will love visiting Charlotte. There are lots of great places to go and enjoy a cup of coffee while doing so. We have listed down some of the best coffee shops around the city. You can choose any one of them depending on what you like.

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The Best Coffee Shops in Charlotte

  1. Waterbean Coffee.. 4703 Park Rd Ste B Charlotte, NC 28209
  2. Waterbean Coffee has awesome coffee and strives to create an enjoyable environment for people to either work or enjoy good company.

You can also purchase its amazing coffees by the bag so you could brew them at home at your leisure.

All the varieties are organic,

and you can choose from Love Organics,

Blossom Organics, Eternity Espresso,

Darkness Espresso, and many other varieties.

 Coffee Shops in Charlotte

Smelly Cat Coffee

. 515 E 36th St Charlotte, NC 28205. The smelly cat coffee is one of the most famous coffee shops in Charlotte, NC. It roasts ethnologically sourced beans in different profiles, so you can get something that you like no matter your preference. The café has been chatting in it for years and years.

Undercurrent Coffee

Undercurrent Coffee strives to be an eco-friendly coffee shop. All the ingredients are sustainably grown and produced. You can choose from traditional drip brew, pour-over, or cold brew coffee, and you can also buy cappuccinos, espressos, and cortados if you want something different! You can also get avocado toast here.

Queen City Grounds

Queen City Grounds Coffee Roasters has three locations around Charlotte, North Carolina. All of them have great coffee and a large menu filled with various beverages, including espresso, caffè latte, and mocha. If you need something stronger than coffee, they offer alcohol and wine. Their breakfast menu includes everything from bagels and muffins to waffles and eggs. They are located at 644 N. Church St., 704 S. Tryon St., and 535 E. Trade St.

Mugs Coffee

Mugs Coffee is a local cafe with plenty of space and comfy seats. It serves delicious coffee and several other drinks like hot chocolate, shakes, and smoothies. It has a small staff and sources everything locally, from the coffee to the pastries, including handmade mugs.

The Hobbyist

. 2101 N Davidson Street, Suite 100, Charlotte, NC 28205

. The Hobbyist Coffeehouse & Beer Garden is a great place to enjoy locally brewed coffee, beer, wine, and other beverages. Stop by to listen to live music performed by local musicians or attend an event highlighting the beverages you love. Order your favorite beverage quickly at the counter or relax in a comfy booth or chair at the bar.

Crema Espresso Bar and Café

. 1234 E Blvd Ste B Charlotte, NC 28203. The crema coffee bar and cafe only serve locally roasted coffees, ensuring that you get the best taste of what the city has available to offer. Pair these delicious beverages with the signature homemade baked goods and desserts. If you like tea then this café has more than thirty varieties on its menu, making sure that you will never run out of options.

Not Just Coffee

Not Just Coffee is located at.2230 Park Road, Charlotte, North Carolina. If you’re near Freedom Park, then you should definitely stop by to try out their delicious coffees. There are lots of different types of drinks available, like iced coffee, loose tea, matcha lattes, bhakti ginger chais, mochaccinos, espresso, and cappuccino. They even offer breakfast and lunch options.

The Giddy Goat Coffee Roasters

Giddy Goat Coffee Roasters offers its customers coffee roasted right at the premises, and it also has a café downstairs where customers can choose from a large range of drinks. Along with the coffee, it also serves baked goods, muffins, scones, and croissants. You can even book an event here.

Stable Hand

Stable Hand Coffee Company is located at 125 Remount Road in Charlotte, North Carolina. Their goal is to serve high-quality coffee and delicious food to everyone. They offer a wide selection of coffees, including HEX Coffee Roasters, craft beers, and natural wines. They also serve tasty snacks like baked goods and sandwiches. They are open seven days a week and have plenty of seats for guests to relax and enjoy their time there.


If you’re looking for a place to grab a cup of coffee while visiting Charlotte, there are lots of options. Waterbean Coffee is the top-rated café in town, and it offers a friendly atmosphere and delicious coffee. Another option is Smelly Cat Coffee, which is located in an old house and has a cozy vibe. You’ll enjoy the coffee at all the cafes on this list because each serves excellent brews.

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