10 Best Bellevue Coffee Shops: Try One Today!

Bellevue Coffee Shops

Bellevue Coffee Shops has some of the best coffee shops around. Find out where they are located and why these places are great.

Coffee is a drink enjoyed by millions worldwide. And in Bellevue, Washington, there are plenty of cafes serving up delicious brews. Whether you prefer espresso or drip coffee, you’ll find something to suit your taste at one of these local spots.

Here are ten of our favorite coffee shops in Bellevue. Enjoy!

Best Bellevue Coffee Shops Try One Today 

Bellevue is a city located in King County, Washington, United States. It is bordered by Lake Sammamish State Park to the north, Redmond to the east, Kirkland to the south, and Issaquah to the west. It is approximately 15 miles northwest of Seattle, the largest city in the state. Its population was estimated at 199,873 residents as of July 1, 2010.

We chose 10 of our favorite coffee shops in Chicago to give you an idea of what kind of coffee you can expect at each establishment. You can choose your favorites based on location, price, atmosphere, and quality of service.

The Best Bellevue Coffee Shops

Nespresso is an Italian company that produces espresso machines and other coffee-related products. Their flagship product is called Nespresso, and it is a single-serve pod system that allows users to enjoy high-quality coffee at home. The pods contain ground coffee beans and water, and when inserted into the machine, the pod heats up and creates the perfect cup of coffee.

Nespresso is a great place to go when you need a caffeine fix. It is not meant to be a sit-down coffee shop, but instead a place to grab a quick cup of espresso. If you need to buy any accessories, then head to the store next door.

Bellden Cafe

10527 Main Street, Bellevue, WA 98004. The BellDen Cafe serves coffee and light fare in a cozy atmosphere. The BellDen Cafe offers lattes and espresso drinks along with delicious sandwiches, salads, and pastries. The BellDen Cafe also offers a full breakfast menu.

The Bellden Cafe is a café located in downtown San Francisco. It serves delicious coffee drinks and pastries. Their menu features sandwiches, salads, soups, and desserts. They also offer free WiFi and charging stations for your devices. If you need something special, like a custom mug or a gift card, they will happily help you out.

Third Culture Coffee

Third Culture Coffee is a great place to go for a cup of coffee. Its cozy atmosphere will put you right at ease while its menu offers a wide selection of delicious dishes. You’ll love the friendly staff and the delicious treats they serve.

Third Culture Coffee offers a selection of coffees and teas, including espresso drinks, lattes, cappuccinos, hot chocolate, tea, and other beverages. Their menu includes sandwiches, salads, pastries, and snacks like cookies and cakes. They also offer a range of products, such as candles, t-shirts, notebooks, and phone cases.

Honor Coffee Tea

Honor Coffee & Tea is a small cafe located in Bellevue, Washington. They offer great customer service and a unique experience every time you visit. Their specialty is sourcing their beans from around the globe and roast them right there at the store. They also have an extensive menu of teas and coffees available.

You’ll find a delicious selection of pastries and other goodies at your local Starbucks. Along with their specialty coffee, there is also an assortment of pastries and other items that are the perfect complement to their brews. There are also specialty teas, smoothie drinks, Italian sodas, etc. Providing heartwarming service to each customer, we’re sure you’ll enjoy your time here.


T’Latte is a specialty café located in Bellevue, Washington. Their menu includes espresso drinks, lattes, cappuccinos, cold brews, and hot chocolate. They also offer a selection of pastries and baked goods. You can come in and grab a drink to go, or you can stay and relax at their cozy cafe.

T’Latte is a cafe located in downtown Los Angeles. They offer delicious baked goods, sandwiches, salads, smoothies, and beverages. Their menu changes seasonally, but they always feature fresh ingredients and high-quality products. T’Latte is also available for private events, parties, and weddings. They provide catering services, too.

Anchorhead Coffee

Anchorhead Coffee is a hipster coffee shop located in downtown Bellevue. It offers a signature blend of espresso, latte art, and specialty drinks. The atmosphere is casual yet refined, with a modern vibe. The space is designed to give off a tattoo parlor vibe with its dark and moody design. Their menu features a selection of gourmet coffees, including their signature blend, as well as specialty drinks like lattes and cappuccinos.

An upscale bakery will add a new dimension to a menu that already serves comfort food with an elegant presentation. Known for its friendly and helpful staff, this bakery is a great place to escape the rain, linger over a cappuccino, or enjoy a delicious meal.

Caffe Ladro

Caffe Ladro is a great place to grab a cup of coffee and relax. It offers a unique atmosphere with beautiful colors and friendly staff. You’ll find yourself enjoying your time here often. Caffe Ladr carries its own made coffee beans along with an array of other merchandise.

Besides their delicious coffee, you will find all sorts of sandwiches and other delicacies at this café. You can even get discounts and read the latest news right in emails. Whether you want to talk with friends, study, have them cater an entire party, or just relax, this place is the perfect palace to be.

Cypress Coffee

Cypress Coffee is a small neighborhood coffee shop located in Bellevue, Washington. They are proud to serve their customers locally roasted coffee from Campos Coffee, one of the best in town. They also offer delicious pastries and sandwiches made fresh daily. Their menu changes seasonally, but you will always find a selection of breakfast items, including bagels and muffins, along with lunches and dinners.

Cypress Coffee provides a great place to hang out with friends and family. They serve mostly coffee and other drinks, catering to the young crowd by offering a kid’s meal that is healthy and wholesome.

Cafe Cesura

Cafe Cesura is located at 1015 108th Avenue Northeast in Bellevue, Washington. It is a small cafe that serves espresso drinks and pastries. It is open every day except Sunday. It offers a relaxed environment and friendly staff.

Cafe Cesura is a neighborhood coffee shop located in downtown San Francisco. Open seven days a week, we offer delicious espresso drinks, specialty coffees, smoothies, and pastries. We also serve breakfast all day long! Our menu features a selection of sandwiches, salads, wraps, and paninis made fresh daily. We even have gluten-free options available! Stop by today for a cup of joe and a bite to eat!

Cloudbreak Cafe

. 130 2nd Street, Renton, WA 98004. If you like your coffee strong and your food healthy, then you should check out Cloudbreak Cafe. They serve delicious food at reasonable prices, and they also offer great coffee. Their food truck is often parked next to the cafe, so you won’t miss out on any of their amazing dishes.

You will find more than just caffeine. They also offer non-caffeinated drinks, traditional Italian sodas, and much more. You will not be disappointed if you stop by for a quick pick-me-up. They are located at the corner of Main Street and Elm Avenue.

Final Thoughts

There are so many great coffee shops in the Bellevue area that it can be tough to choose just 10, 20, or 30. We hope we gave you a variety of options when you’re looking for your next cup of joe. Each one is worth a visit!

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